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17.01.2021 – Letter to my American friend


My dear American friend,


In the beginning of 2020, Dylan released his beautiful song on Kennedy’s demise, “Murder Most Foul”.  It sounded in my ears as a funeral song for America. Once again, he proved to be an artist of superior intellect, capable of discerning what happens while it is happening.

I spent a year in your country and warm feelings grew up in my heart toward America. I still remember Kennedy’s speech to us, exchange students, in the gardens of the White House. I felt his assassination as a terrible blow on America and the entire world.

Tonight, I am crying a river over America. No shining light in the near future.

The dark clouds are over your country now, but they will spread all over the world. I know that our thoughts go different ways, ideologies prevent a good understanding. But believe me, we will be fellow victims in the end.

An awful totalitarianism, worse that Hitler’s, Stalin’s and Mao’s, hovers over mankind – the “owners of power” want a global empire. During the last four years, America stood as a bulwark against this menacing tyranny. Your country faced the challenge of China. Now a pack of rats has rigged your election, destroyed the integrity of your Constitution and played havoc overall.

Oddly enough, the last awful episodes were transparent for me, because the rats used strategies that are common in South America. Donald Trump won the November election by a landslide, but they succeeded in tampering this result using machines and software designed for Chávez, the Venezuelan dictator, who insisted on not losing any election. They improved his methods with a fancy network that linked Frankfurt, Barcelona, Italy and had at its service the Italian satellite, Leonardo. The mainstream media and the Big Tech supported the vote-rigging by repeatedly claiming that Joe Biden had won the election and censoring any mention or comment on vote fraud.

It was a great disaster that many official agencies, including the FBI, the CIA and the NSA, did not want to investigate what had happened. This culminated with the Supreme Court dismissing a Texas lawsuit, because the judges considered that Texas had no standing to verify what had happened in other States. Donald Trump and his more than 75 million voters were left in the lurch.

The second great move in their strategy was the attack on the Capitol on Wednesday, the sixth of January. There was a turmoil, Trump supporters invaded the Capitol, and the result of this crowd unrest was tragically four fatal victims. Trump and his supporters were vilified, their freedom of speech suppressed, and the Congress certified the votes for Joe Biden. Little by little some witnesses, videos and photos began to unravel what had happened – the officers of the Capitol seemed to have eased the entry to the building, many Antifa and BLM people organized the invasion, the reckless and tangled up crowd did not know exactly what to do. And one had to face a cruel reality – Trump and his supporters had fallen into a trap. A trap created with the strategies of urban demonstrations quite common in South America.

So, my dear friend, we are now facing defeat in a great battle. The consequences will be terrible for your country, for my country, and for the free world.

Your country will fall apart in a few months. Your Constitution and its First Amendment will be thrown away in the trashcan. You will have to get accustomed to not being free anymore. You will have to comply to idiocy and repeat that Beethoven’s 5th Symphony oppresses the Negroes. The American Way of Life will disappear together with your culture, your art and the American dream. Quite likely the Statue of Liberty will drown in the Hudson river. Thomas Jefferson’s statue has already been toppled down; the strong foundations of your Founding Fathers will be eaten away by the rats.

My country will not have a better fate. We can already catch a glimpse of our future in Venezuela or Argentine. Quite soon we will be digging out rotten meat in order to have something to eat. The beasts of prey will fall upon my country with their claws ready to exploit our richness and enslave the people. Our Amazonian Forest will be torn apart – the lots of land will be sold worldwide, and the precious plants, lumber and ore will disappear in foreign filthy hands. The exploitation will be ferocious this time. So, the dream of “the country of the future” will come to an untimely end before it could even begin.

My friend, the book of the world, as we have known it so far, is getting to its final page. What can we do but cry? I am crying a river over America. I am crying a river over Brasil. I am crying a river over the free world.

Some years ago, you came to visit me in Rio de Janeiro. We were walking down a street, and seeing the Christ on Corcovado, you turned to me and said: “This will have to go. It insults other religions.” My reaction was overblown for reasons that were basically cultural. How dared a foreigner talk this way about one of our cultural icons? Now I understand that our innocent conversation went deeper than that.

The main target of the modern lords of war is Jesus Christ, it is God. The world is waging a spiritual war. They want to annihilate Jesus Christ, because He is the true foundation of the world that respects life, the individual soul, the individual freedom. They already know that there’s no use crucifying Him, but they try to destroy Him anyway. In the very least – that’s what they think — they will destroy many of those that live in His world.

We must learn how to pray, for in this awful wartime we should put despair aside and pray. There must have been many other such plights in the history of mankind, and good has prevailed. Let’s pray that once again good will overcome evil. Let’s pray.

Your dear Brazilian friend


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